iCADMac Features: List of main Express Tools Commands available

  • CopyMultiple copies multiple objects with repeat, array, divide, and measure options
  • EditTextCase changes the case of selected text, block attributes or dimensions
  • EditTextJustification changes the justification point for selected text without moving the text position
  • EditTextOrientation rotates selected text keeping the text current position
  • ExportSettings exports the current settings to an external file
  • ExportVariables exports the system variable values to a script file (.scr file)
  • FitText resizes the width of a text entity to fit between two selected points
  • GetNestedProperties displays the properties of an entity contained in a block or an external reference (xrif)
  • Exchange Dimension Style exports dimension styles from the current drawing to an external file
  • Import Dimension Style imports dimension styles and their settings from an external file (with the extension .dim)
  • MakeShape defines a Shape based on specified entities
  • MergeSheets merges several Layouts into a single Layout
  • NumberText inserts sequential numbering to selected text entities
  • OffsetX creates new entities by applying an offset to the selected entities
  • RedefineBlockAttributeValues globally changes the attribute values in all selected block instances
  • ScaleBlock automatically scales all instances of a block inserted in the drawing with respect to the individual insertion points
  • TextFrame creates a frame around specified text entities
  • TextMask places a wipeout area behind specified text entities
  • TextUnMask removes the masks assigned to selected text entities
  • Align Viewport Views aligns views of one or more windows, compared to the master window to look like a single view
  • Align Workspaces adjusts the zoom factor and the current view position based on the alignment points specified in the workspace
  • Viewport Scale Ratio displays the window scale used in a layout
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